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Key Commercial Real Estate Terms – FAQs 1. What is Net Operating Income (NOI)? NOI is the total income a property generates after operating expenses, excluding financing costs and taxes. 2. What is Cap Rate? Capitalization Rate is a measure used to calculate the return on investment, determined by dividing NOI by the property’s current … Read more

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Find hidden zoning potentials Flip the script on commercial real estate investing: Consider properties with ‘hidden’ zoning potentials. Uncover sites zoned for multiple uses or those due for rezoning. This foresight can turn an average investment into a goldmine by anticipating future community developments and market shifts. How?

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Documentation Download the PRO Version to use the advanced Full Analysis button features. This extends your user to a full commercial real estate valuation analysis. Use shortcode  Valuation Calculator Purchase Price $ Net Operating Income $ Down Payment $ % ▲ ▼ Interest Rate % Term (Years) 0 DSCR   0 Cap Rate   0% ROI   Loan Amount   … Read more

Reputation Management Tool

RealLaunch is launching a new Reputation Management Tool. As a broker, you need more Google Reviews and social media reviews to stay ahead of the competition. If you search “bellingham realtors”, for example, you will often see Google promoting the highest reviewed brokers and realtors. We can help you be at the top of the list! … Read more

Seven Traits to Look for in a Real Estate Broker

I’ve been involved in commercial real estate for more than 25 years. Since then, I’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the relationship between a client and their broker. I put together a list of 7 key traits for brokers to strive for, developed from my many years of … Read more

The 5 Types of Commercial Real Estate

To help manage the colossal scope of their industry, commercial brokers and investors have split it into five types of commercial real estate. Below, I’ll talk about what these different categories include and what to look for when investing in them. Office Office buildings range in size from the small suburban office parks to the … Read more

What Expenses Can a Triple Net (NNN) Lease Cover?

As one of the most preferred lease structures used on the commercial market today, a Triple Net (NNN), or net-net-net, lease is known to ease the financial burden on investors by allocating property ownership expenses to tenants, or lessees. Triple Net Lease: Investors flock to the Triple Net Lease option for its ability to provide … Read more

What is Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?

In commercial real estate, it’s smart to think ahead and keep a close eye on the numbers. As a commercial broker with more than two decades in the ring, I’ve continued to rely on a variety of metrics, including Internal Rate of Return, or IRR, to ensure my investments are sound. IRR stands strong in … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, April 19

Good morning, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news—Sin City keeps growing, a collection of creative office spaces with jaw-dropping price tags, and PetSmart puts a collar around its largest online competitor. Investors Cash Chips in Las Vegas Investors in Las Vegas hit the jackpot last year with a confident economy and a demand for rentals. The mining, … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, April 18

Good morning, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news—the apartment vacancy rates are hovering around 4.3%, banks are scaling back on their lending, and the time for investing in medical buildings may be over. Apartment Vacancy Rate “Wobbling,” But Not Rising People are filling apartments as fast as they’re being built. Vacancy rates hover around … Read more