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The Donald’s Effect on Commercial Real Estate

Donald Trump is the President-Elect. Depending upon your views, this could be a great thing, or a very discouraging one. Regardless of how you feel about The Donald, his rhetoric on the campaign trail combined with some historical trends can give insights into what may be happening during his presidency with regards to Commercial Real … Read more

5 Traits of a Successful Commercial Real Estate Developer

Ask people what a commercial real estate developer does and you’re likely to get a different answer from all of them. The fact is, being a real estate developer is a complex blend of architecture, finance, managing, engineering, hand-shaking and more. There’s no straight shot to becoming a real estate developer, but we’ll highlight some … Read more

How to Identify Hot Commercial Real Estate Markets

One way to identify a potential investment location which is on the precipice of rapid value increase is to understand where gentrification has recently started. Gentrification is “a process of renovation and revival of deteriorated urban neighborhoods by means of influx of more affluent residents” and can be an excellent signal for investment opportunities. One … Read more