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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, November 15

Good morning! Enjoy these 4 articles highlighting big news in the world of commercial real estate.

New IRS Regulations Will Adversely Impact Common REIT Transactions

The IRS is shaking up “bottom dollar” guarantees with new, temporary regulations. The rules come into full effect on January 3, 2017.

Bulk of Large US Investment Sales Were in States Dems Won

Of the $117 billion done in large commercial real estate sales over the last two year, $107 billion was invested in Democratic states. This data highlights the huge level of development concentrated in metropolitan areas.

American Apparel Files Chapter 11 for Second Time in a Year

American Apparel’s turnaround strategy has failed. The clothing company has announced bankruptcy for the second time this year and are now seeking to sell the company.

Retail CEOs Breathe Sigh of Relief as Vote Distraction Ends

Like the rest of us, retail CEOs are grateful the election is finally over. Many of the leaders blame slow sales on the political distraction—whether that was the actual cause or not has yet to be seen.