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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, October 25

Get a global view on commercial real estate this afternoon with these three articles.

Does Modular Construction Work?

The article posits the question without ever answering it. Developer Full Stack Modular claims its buildings are cheaper to build thanks to ease of assembly, but the savings didn’t materialize in its most recent New York project, which suffered from a disagreement between parties. Future projects will be a better indicator of the construction style’s potential.

Global Troubles Likely to Prove a Boon for U.S. Real Estate Sector

The United States’ market stability will attract foreign investors who are looking for safe bets in the era of the Brexit and Chinese stock tumbles. American investors should take their cue and look for projects at-home before peeking overseas.

Miami Among Top U.S. Metros for Asian Real Estate Investment

Miami ranks #4 in the list of United State cities benefiting from Chinese investment – having received approximately $665 million this year.  Still Hunter III, executive VP with CBRE Capital Markets, said the city is popular for overseas investors due to “supply constraints, consistent population growth, an expanding and diversifying economy and growing international recognition as a true global gateway market.”