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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 23

Five articles for you highlighting big topics in the commercial real estate market today.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Rising Rates Threaten Global Property Investments

Very low rates have made commercial real estate boom around the world over the last few years. This may be changing as investors dump their government bonds in Europe, Asia and the US.

How Looming Tax Reforms Might Impact CRE Industry

The first major tax reform since 1986 will likely have a big on commercial real estate. Carried interest, property depreciation and pass-through income are all on the negotiation table.

As Vancouver’s Housing Market Cools, Commercial Property Sales Soar

The residential market in Vancouver, Canada is slowing, but while it lowers, commercial real estate is skyrocketing. Sales in the first half of 2016 nearly doubled the first half sales of 2015.

Growth in Commercial Real Estate to Boost the Global Fire Extinguishers Market Through 2020, Says Technavio

In an interesting correlation between different business sectors, the growth of the commercial real estate industry is positively influencing the sales of fire extinguishers. According to Technavio, the industry is expected to grow by 7% over the next few years.

Mixing It Up: Getting Mixed-Use Retail Right

Mixed-use retail buildings are a complex environment to navigate between tenants and maximizing revenue. One of the greatest skills a manager can possess with these property types is fantastic communication.