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Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, June 23

If you’re concerned or confused about Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, don’t be!  We’ll take a look at the opportunities it will create for realtors and investors alike. In today’s news we’ll also learn about Tucson’s improving commercial real estate market, and whether or not you’re budgeting strategically.

Tucson Commercial Real Estate Market Improving Alongside National Trends

Tucson’s commercial real estate market continues to improve, despite the lack of jobs and businesses coming through to the Tucson area in the past. Just last year, Tucson saw an increase of 5,300 new jobs with rumors for much more in 2018.

Will Amazon’s Whole Foods Purchase Be Good or Bad for Real Estate Developers?

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods was a shock to us all, but have no fear, this is good news for realtors and investors as Amazon looks to develop and open new stores in new markets.

Are You Budgeting Strategically?

Are you budgeting strategically? Well believe it or not, you’re most likely making the very common mistake of creating a budget that is a mere snapshot, instead of a forward-looking plan.

The 10 Best Markets for Multifamily Investment

Take a look at National Real Estate Investor’s list of 10 best markets for multifamily investments; with Boston and Seattle as some of the best markets on that list.