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Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Mar. 31

Happy Friday, investors! In today’s commercial real estate news, E-commerce may be making brick-and-mortar relevant again (bear with us on this), the apartment sector needs to blow off a little steam, and student housing is booming.

How E-commerce Is Making Stores Relevant Again

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers may be able to fight off Amazon by using their local branches as arms against the online giant. Many customers order online then pick up their shipments from the physical stores, shaving time off delivery and allowing retailers the chance to sell them on more.

America is Building More Apartments Than Renters Want

Cool down on apartment investing, the market for them may be overheating a bit. Apartment occupancy slipped from 95.1% last year to 94.5% in the first quarter of this year. An increasingly healthy housing market may mean people are less interested in renting and more interesting in buying.

Economy Watch: Demand for Student Housing Stays Strong

While apartments slip, student housing remains strong.  Millennials are attending college in record numbers, increasing demand for high-quality roofs over their heads.