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Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, Aug. 21

Happy Monday! In today’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how Chinese investors are paying eye popping prices to buy the London skyline, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin hints at keeping the carried interest break for some firms,the list of top commercial real estate firms by sales volume and much more.

Chinese investors are paying eye-popping figures to buy up the London skyline 

Chinese investment in London’s commercial real estate market has more than tripled since the Brexit vote last year, and most of it has come through Hong Kong.

The Treasury Secretary said the carried interest tax break may be kept for firms that create jobs.

Hunt Mortgage Group, a company focused on financing commercial real estate throughout the U.S., has closed its first commercial real estate collateralized loan obligation (CRE-CLO), Hunt CRE 2017-FL1.

What Will Be the Impact of the Invitation Homes/Starwood Waypoint Merger?

The merger leaves only a few giant companies in the business of owning and managing SFR assets, including a few potential acquisition targets.