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Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, Feb. 13

What Drives Investment in Building Energy Performance

A recent report by the Institute of Real Estate Management explored what drives office property owners to improve their building’s energy performance. The report found energy efficient properties tend to have lower operating costs, higher rent prices, higher occupancy levels and better tenant retention. In short, clean energy will have building owners seeing green.

Economy Watch: Americans Moving at Record-Low Rates

A mere 11.2 percent of Americans moved last year, the lowest number since Census Bureau began tracking the data in 1948. The news is good for apartment owners, whose tenants are likelier sticking around longer. It’s another setback for retailers though, who make money from people who need to furnish their new homes.

Former Rent-Controlled Apartments in Hollywood are Razed Amid Protests and Bureaucratic Confusion

Short term lease rentals continue to wreak havoc in cities, where the government is unsure how to handle them. The LA Times covers one tangled example in this article where rent-controlled apartments were used for Airbnb clients after evicting the previous tenants.