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Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, July 10

In today’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at Abercrombie’s recent drop in stock, how to avoid the next real estate bubble, the rise in medical office building ownership, and much more.

Abercrombie & Fitch Plunges After Takeover Negotiations Fail

In leaving the bargaining table, Abercrombie has few easy options.

Learning From Past Mistakes: Avoiding the Next Real Estate Bubble

While at first blush immediate expensing appears to be a huge tax break, the honeymoon period would end with a crash when the write-off period ended.

Cap Rates Drop as Competition for Medical Office Buildings Heats Up

The intense vying for urgent care centers, surgery centers and other outpatient medical facilities is driving down cap rates in the sector.

Why Are These CRE Companies Magnets for Millennials?

Recruiting Millennials to work in the commercial real estate sector goes beyond serving free lunch, providing unlimited vacation or lavishing other cool perks on them.

Is Realty Mogul the Easiest Way to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Is it possible to get involved in large-scale real estate projects without actually buying property outright on your own? Realty Mogul proves it is.