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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Aug. 24

In Thursday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how SoftBank put more than $4 billion into commercial real estate start-up WeWork, how the OCC seeks to raise appraisal thresholds for commercial real estate loans, how the lowered value estimate are becoming an issue for regional malls, and more.

SoftBank plows more than $4 billion into commercial real estate start-up WeWork

Commercial office space start-up WeWork announced it has $4.4 billion from SoftBank and its related Softbank Vision Fund.

How do banks, corporate borrowers, and investors in syndicated loans prepare for a benchmark rate that does not exist?

The best, and simplest, course of action is to backfill the empty anchor spaces, but that tactic might be difficult to carry out.

Long-Term Outlook for Rental Apartments Remains Positive

Strong demand will continue over the next decade, according to a NMHC/NAA report.