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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Jan. 26

In today’s commercial real estate news, the fashion retailer old guard can’t keep up with nimble newcomers, a forecast on which New York banks will rule the lending roost, and a reminder of the trouble brewing this year for maturing housing loans.

That Blouse With That Debt? Fast Fashion Shreds Apparel LBOs

The giant apparel brands of yesteryear are facing looming debt and foreclosures. Trendy “fast fashion” retailers from Europe are outmaneuvering the old stores and replacing them in America’s malls. Eighteen retail and apparel names are labeled as “very high credit risk” by Moody’s Investors Service, the highest since the recession.

Who Will the Big New York Lenders Be in 2017?

An analysis of the banks most likely to be 2017’s largest commercial real estate lenders. Multifamily lending has decreased, causing┬ásome of last years large banks to drop in position. The author predicts a rise in smaller, regional banks.

A Day of Reckoning for U.S. Commercial Real Estate

A $90 billion wave of maturing mortgages is set to crash into the commercial real estate market soon. The bonds are a remnant of the housing crises. As delinquencies stack up. it will be harder for homeowners to access capital from banks.