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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, July 20

In today’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how lifestyle centers can stabilize a real estate portfolio, how mixed use projects help hotel projects, REITs are hotter than real estate, and more.

Successful projects like The Grove in Los Angeles or Scottsdale Quarter in Scottsdale can do as much as $800 or $900 in average sales per sq. ft.

How Mixed Use Structuring Can Help Your Hotel Project Pencil Out

Once the mixed uses for a project have been determined, the next hurdle for a developer is how the different components of the project will be owned.

The CMBS delinquency rate for U.S. commercial real estate loans rose 28 basis points in June to reach 5.75 percent, according to research firm Trepp.

The iron is hot when it comes to real estate investing..

 Proposal for the raising of sale-price threshold is under way for commercial real estate transactions…