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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Mar. 16

Good morning, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news, Europe and America are still the main benefactors of foreign investments, hotels want a fair game with Airbnb and the future of senior housing.

Europe, US Still More Attractive than Asia for Commercial Property Investors

Asia’s real estate markets are growing at an exciting pace, but American and European investments are still drawing the majority of foreign money. The lack of government transparency and political uncertainty are both factors suppressing investments in Asia.

Hotels Want Level Playing Field with Airbnb

A panel of commercial real estate developers covering Airbnb, the Zika virus, and other hurdles the commercial market is hopping over right now. Miama’s mayor is currently pushing a bill to crackdown on Airbnb hosts by imposing a whopping $20,000 fine.

The Breakdown of Silos Between Seniors Housing and Care, the Health Care System and Care Providers

An aging population is changing the look of senior real estate. The future of senior real estate will likely combine many services and amenities on site.