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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Mar. 30

Good morning, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news—Morgan Stanley predicts 2017 as the end of the bull market, a slim workforce slows down home building, and discover why investors are moving their money into emerging markets.

Morgan Stanley: The Bull Market in Commercial Real Estate is About to End

Analysts for Morgan Stanley expect 2017 to be the peak of this commercial real state cycle. They expect housing demand to surge in the coming years though as 70 million people enter the house-buying phase of their lives.

Homebuilders Struggle to Fill Jobs ‘Americans Don’t Want’

A slim workforce is slowing down home-building around the country. The average age of a construction worker is now 42, and more young men are attending college. The issue is compounded by the crackdown on immigrants, who make up as much as 25% of the construction workforce.

Five Reasons Why Investors Are Moving Capital Into Commercial Real Estate in Emerging Markets

Investors around the world are pouring money into the commercial real estate markets of emerging countries. This article explores some of the main drivers behind their motivation.