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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Feb. 14

Eight Trends in Commercial Real Estate

A quick overview of the ways commercial real estate is evolving. Highlights include energy efficient buildings, pop-up retail stores and the opportunities offered to commercial investors by legalized marijuana.

 The Top 10 Cities Americans Are Moving To

American are moving less, but when they do, it’s often to one of these cities. Some of the hottest locations include Seattle-WA, Denver-CO, and Houston-TX. Atlanta-GA held on to the number one spot for where most Americans moving.

Can Trump’s Immigration Rules Derail Miami’s Real Estate Market?

Between 600 and 1,000 people move to Miami a day, many of them migrants. “Foreign buyers are without a doubt the driver of South Florida real estate,” says Craig Studnicky, principal of luxury real estate broker ISG World. Most brokers aren’t worried about Trump’s immigration policy slowing down development, because foreigners investors are often just putting money into the buildings without physically moving to the city.