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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Feb. 28

Good morning! In today’s real estate news, foreign investors from Latin America are drawn to the US’ Southeast market, co-working spaces remain popular, and WeWork is valued around $20 billion.

Why Foreign Investors Are Attracted to the Southeast Real Estate Market

Latin American investors are providing a boom for US’ Southeast industrial market. The market offers a low cost of labor, solid infrastructure, and productive manufacturing hubs. The Southeast market and Latin America are both set to grow economically over the next decade, paving the way for an even stronger relationship in the future.

Are Co-Working Spaces Here to Stay?

The answer seems to be yes! Co-working spaces are a hit among millennials and entrepreneurs. The innovative layout of the work spaces encourage collaboration between different sets of employees. Expect to pay premium prices when leasing co-working space though. Some reports show the price-per-square-foot of co-working space is nearly 300% more than standard office rates.

WeWork Worth a $20 billion Valuation?

Speaking of co-working spaces, building developer WeWork, who specializes in the offices, is being valued at $20 billion.¬†WeWork’s profitability isn’t clear, but it’s an attractive business model in a burgeoning sector.