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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Jan. 17

In today’s commercial real estate news: an update on the blossoming real estate sector in Asia, marijuana’s link to high lease price rates, and traps for first time investors to avoid.

Capturing Growth in Asia’s Property Management Frontier

A letter on Asia’s commercial real estate market from Michael Lanning, the president of the Institute of Real Estate Management. Asian markets are watching America’s business model closely, hoping to learn from it and adopt the best practices.

Marijuana Interest Driving Real Estate Deals

As marijuana is set to become legalized in Maine on Jan 30, industrial properties are seeing record high lease prices. Entrepreneurs anxious to get in on the budding industry are looking for indoor farming spaces and storefronts.

Property Investing Pitfalls: A No-Fail Plan for First Timers

A handy list of pitfalls many first time commercial real estate investors fall into. In summary, don’t be too emotional, control your eagerness, do your research, and watch your finances. One of our most recent articles offers more tips on how to be a successful first time investor.