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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Jan. 31

In today’s commercial real estate news, a report on 2016’s investment sales, a catcher-upper for those interested in commercial crowdfunding and Trump’s weakening of Dodd-Frank.

2016 Marked a Decline in Investment Sales Volumes

Investment sales fell about 11 percent in 2016, but experts attribute the decline more to commercial real estate’s stellar performance in 2015 than any inherent market problems. The prognosis for 2017 is still unclear. Increased interest rates from the Federal Reserve and an expected decrease in foreign investments from China paint a blurry picture.

Crowdfunding Takes Aim at Commercial Real Estate

Since 2012, commercial real estate crowdfunding sites have been growing in popularity. Much of the data on the new enterprises is still unknown, but many of the crowdfunding investors are millennials with income to spare. You can learn more about the phenomenon here, as well as how to protect your crowdfunding investments.

Trump Says Administration Will ‘Be Doing a Big Number’ on Dodd-Frank

President Trump signed an executive order on Monday decreasing regulatory burdens on businesses. The order declares that for every new regulation, two must be redacted. “We’ll be reducing them big league, and their damaging effects on our small businesses, our economy, our entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “The American dream is back.”