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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, April 12

Good morning, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news—construction and real estate lead the S&P 500 on Tuesday, experts say REITs should consider alternate forms of funding, and what lies ahead for the future of Los Angeles.

Real-Estate and Construction Sector Lead S&P 500 Gainers

Shares for companies in the real-estate and construction center lead the S&P 500 on Tuesday. A number of retail REIT executives spoke on the bruised retail market, but encouraged investors to treat malls as individual assets, and to judge them on their quality.

Are REITs Maxing Out on Bank Borrowing?

Speaking of REITs, the trusts have been borrowing heavily from banks as of late, too heavily in the eyes of some experts. Commercial real estate firms are afraid REITs aren’t making full use of the capital available to them, and are harming themselves in the long run by relying on loans from a single source type.

“A Different Los Angeles”: The City Moves to Alter Its Sprawling Image

An in-depth follow-up on Los Angeles since the development-halting bill Measure S failed to pass.  The city now must choose a way forwards—capitalizing on it’s development momentum but not forgetting those left behind to high rents.