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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Feb. 2

Good morning! In today’s commercial real estate news, there’s an infrastructure boom on the horizon, retailers are struggling but there are many opportunities for wily investors, and Paul Ryan says tax reform is not the number one concern of Congress at this time.

Are We Entering the Golden Age of Infrastructure?

The Trump administration has proposed a massive boost in infrastructure during his term. The proposed list of 50 infrastructure projects would invest $138 billion in America’s highways, airports and other vital resources. The administration expects to raise half the needed funds from private investors.

Financing Still Strong for Quality Retail Projects

An interview with Jeff Garrison of S.J. Collins Enterprises on the state of the retail market. It’s no secret retail properties are struggling right now against e-commerce businesses. Garrison sees a future for nimble property owners who can provide creative, unique experiences for shoppers.

Investors Fret as Ryan Says Tax Reform Will Be Delayed Until Spring

Investors hoping for a rapid change in America’s tax code are stressing after Paul Ryan’s comments on Thursday morning. The Speaker of the House told Fox and Friends healthcare reform was Congress’ main concern, with tax reform to come after Obamacare was repealed, replaced, or repaired. The markets took a small dip of .15% following the news.