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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Mar. 22

Good morning, in today’s commercial real estate news, learn how technology is affecting commercial real estate, Marriot bets big on hospitality’s future with a 300,000 room expansion, and SoftBank invests in co-working spaces.

9 Technology Solutions for the CRE Industry

It’s notoriously difficult to tell just how technology will affect any given industry. But software is making its way more aggressively into commercial real estate, and here are just some of the ways investors may feel its impact.

Marriott to Add Up to 300,000 Rooms by 2019

Marriot announced it plans to add 300,000 rooms as part of a three year growth plan. The hotel chain expects to see $675 million added to its coffers as part of the expansion.

SoftBank Invests $300 Million in WeWork

SoftBank has invested $300 million in WeWork, a co-working space business out of New York. Co-working is becoming increasingly popular among millennial workers.