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What are the optional shortcode settings?

From the Valuation Calculator Settings you can set the default values for the basic shortcode [crevc-calculator].

Available shortcode Options:

 • downpayment=15 (will default to: 15%)
 • price=1500000 (will default to: $1,500,000)
 • rate=3.5 (will default to: 3.5%)
 • term=15 (will default to: 15 years)
 • noi=60000 (will default to: $60,000)
 • fullanalysis_labeltext=’Do Full Analysis’
 • fullanalysis_buttonbg=’#34CE57′
 • fullanalysis_buttontext_color=’#ffffff’
 • valuation_bgcolor=’#E6F0FA’
 • valuation_textcolor=’#000000′

Example: [crevc-calculator price=1500000 rate=3.5]