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How to Use the Investment Property Valuation Calculator: Step One


investment property valuation calculator

The Investment Property Valuation Calculator is an invaluable tool for investors and brokers alike. When used effectively, the IPV Calculator can help you plan ahead with your commercial property investments. An in-depth reading of the results can reveal when the best time to sell would be, areas where building expenses could be trimmed back, and many other insights that will create the best return on your commercial investment.

Over the next week, myNOI will detail each step of the process. You’ll learn what each section is designed to inform you of, what some of the uncommon terms mean, as well as how to use the results to best leverage your investment.

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Step 1:

investment property valuation calculator

The IPV Calculator relies on a short, seven step process to supply you with a ten-year plan for your commercial property. To start, answer the question, “What type of investor are you?”

investment property valuation calculator

Are you looking to buy or sell your property?

Next, you’ll specify the Property Type of your building. If you’re unsure, you can learn more about the five general property types here.

investment property valuation calculator

Different commercial real estate property types require different information to give you an accurate reflection of their worth. So it’s important to specify the correct type! The expenses for a multifamily apartment will be very different than those of an office property. As will the type of lease you have established with the tenants.

That’s it for Step 1 of the IPV Calculator! Pretty simple. When you’re ready for Step 2, hit “Go to next step” to continue valuing your property.

investment property valuation calculator

Come back tomorrow when myNOI details Step 2 of the Investment Property Valuation Calculator!