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Looking for the Latest Industry News? I’m Here to Help.

We all know that weathering fast market conditions requires stamina, experience and, most importantly, knowledge. As an investor, it’s crucial to stay informed, but it’s not always easy to find the best place to look. (Besides MyNOI’s own news aggregating page.)

Lucky for you, I’ve already sifted through the multitude of options online and have compiled a list of the top five news outlets reporting on issues impacting commercial real estate investors today.

co-star commercial real estate news

In all, CoStar Group Inc. leads the pack in providing investors market data and news impacting commercial real estate hubs across the nation. It’s a paid subscription service and is the largest publicly traded commercial real estate entity specializing in industry news and research.

The top news of the day often features a mix of high-stake commercial transactions, profiles on leaders in the industry and expert commentaries on market outlooks. The news team at CoStar is comprised of hundreds of researchers gathering the latest news on leasing deals, national trends, average expense rates and more.

A series of quarterly webinars are also published through the service and feature extensive analysis on the top four asset classes, including retail, office, industrial and multifamily.
globe st commercial real estate news

Next is, which contains a plethora of original content about the latest in commercial real estate on both a national and local scale. The online edition of their business highlights real estate trends and analysis.

If you’re looking for news on some of the largest corporate players in the real estate game, look here.

cre direct commercial real estate news

Since 1999, Commercial Real Estate Direct has acted as one of the most outstanding sources of news specific to the real estate capital markets industry.  

The daily news source is one of the top places to look for data, including its property sales database and others, detailing pricing surveys, a calendar of upcoming transactions and more.

wsj commercial real estate news

The Wall Street Journal is next on my top list of places to search for industry news. The seasoned team of real estate reporters produce work that is no less than exceptional.

The commercial real estate branch of the site focuses on the big picture, detailing market data, buyer trends and the latest stats on property stock. On a global scale, the outlet leads in highlighting some of the biggest transactions taking place on the market today.

ccim institute commercial real estate news

Finally, I have to give a shout out to the CCIM Institute (Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute). A subset of the National Association of Realtors, the organization’s monthly magazine tackles industry-wide issues and sets forth on predicting trends for the future.

It’s an incredibly valuable source for analysis on a wide spectrum of issues. The website also provides an ample amount of professional resources for aspiring and active investors.