Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Dec. 9

Happy Friday! We hope you enjoy your weekend, but before you go, take a look at these three articles on commercial real estate,

The Growing Impact of Wireless Accessibility on Property Values

Less bars, means less deals. Poor wireless connectivity is a growing reason behind some commercial property’s high tenant turnover rate. This article lays out some of the ways you can provide your tenants with a better signal.

Don’t Write Off REITs, Especially This Unsexy Sector

They aren’t pretty, but right now the demand for commercial warehouse space is far ahead of the supply, and rents are lucrative because of it. Much of the growth is tied to the continually growing boom of e-commerce.

8 Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Investing Still Pays

Origin Investments is optimistic that commercial real estate will continue to offer substantial returns. Reasons for their sunny outlook include continued job growth, higher office rents and the stability of multifamily units.

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Dec. 8

Good morning! Enjoy these three articles on commercial real estate in Canada, insights from the ICSC and an essay on the state of the retail market.

Commercial Real Estate Sales Continue at Record Pace with No Slowdown in Sight

Commercial real estate in Canada is on pace to beat a record set during the boom of 2007. Real estate firm CBRE forecasts that 2016 commercial real estate sales will approach $35 billion, nearly $3 billion more than in 2007.

Five Takeaways from ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference, Day Two

More commercial real estate notes from the floor of the ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference. Insights include the profitability of subdividing mall space, the different types of US consumers and the popularity virtual downsizing.

Is Retail’s Middle Earth Flat?

An essay on the current woes of commercial retail real estate. The author is receiving less money on nearly all his properties than he was a decade ago. While many are quick to point the finger toward the internet, he blames greed.

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, Dec. 5

Lots of news waiting for you after the weekend! Check out these five articles on commercial real estate.

Commercial Property Firm JLL Expanding D-FW Operations with Purchase

JLL is advancing its operations in North Texas after purchasing Integra Realty Resources. “IRR – Dallas brings a strong track record in capital markets valuations, eminent domain, and the seniors housing and healthcare sectors,” said John Gates, JLL’s CEO of Markets for the Americas.

Investments in Commercial Real Estate in Moscow Grow by 15%

Moscow saw $3.1 billion in commercial real estate investment in 2016. Of these investments, office space made up the largest share with 34% of all new buildings falling into that property type.

Women’s Fashion Retailer The Limited to Lay Off HQ Staff, Put Business Up For Sale

The Limited becomes another retailer to suffer from declining foot traffic in malls. A longtime staple in shopping centers, the company announced they are planning on shutting down the business unless a buyer can be found.

Office Markets Reliant on Energy Firms Might Wait Years for Recovery

Office space in energy dependent areas of the US will likely continue to suffer as oil prices drop worldwide. The shrinking energy companies have left nearly 23 million sq. ft. of sublease space in the top seven North American markets.

San Francisco Gears up for Final Push to Lure George Lucas Museum

On Jan 6, the George Lucas Museum team will decide between San Francisco and Los Angeles as the site of the $1 billion project. ““It seems to be going smoothly from our end,” Adam Van de Water, a project manager for the City and County of San Francisco, told the Chronicle. “We are doing our due diligence and hoping for the best.”

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, December 1

Good afternoon! Below you’ll find three articles detailing technology in the commercial real estate world and the state of retail.

Two Commercial Real Estate Tech Firms Merge in $300M Deal

VTS and Hightower, commercial real estate tech firms which offer cloud-based leasing software for landlords, are pondering a merger. The companies employ 275 people and are valued together at around $300 million.

Rental Trends: Virtual Reality Tours for Commercial Real Estate

Touring properties in the future may involve never setting a physical foot in them. Commercial real estate developers are turning to virtual reality experiences to show prospective buyers their buildings.

Retailers Try to Extend Holiday Shopping Season, But Will It Make a Difference?

Retailers are attempting to stretch the shopping season into earlier the parts of November and the later weeks of January. Early down-trending data from Black Friday seems to imply their efforts are in vain.

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 30

Taxes and the government are running the commercial real estate news today. Discover how with these four articles.

Property Tax Relief Bill Filed to Limit Annual Increases; Cities Decry Move that Would Cut Revenue

Senate Bill 2, filed by Texas senator Paul Bettencourt, would require city and county voter approval before a property tax increase above 4% could be enacted. Bettencourt claims the bill is a godsend for struggling home and business owners, but city officials say the move will damage public services.

Council Committee Advances Bill Targeting Real Estate Transfer-Tax Dodgers

Philadelphia Finance Committee members voted yesterday to close a regularly used transfer-tax loophole. While officials say it’s impossible to know exactly how much will be gained in tax revenue, even one lucrative deal could add millions to the cities coffers.

Investment Sales Likely to Close Year at Slightly Lower Volume Than in 2015

2016 will likely close out with 10% lower sales volume than in 2015. The finger is pointed at fewer institutional and portfolio-level deals, as well as a rise in the 10-year Treasury rate.

New York State to Help Clean Up Industrial Park Parcels, Market Property

New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation is footing the $8 – 10 million remediation costs of a Buffalo industrial park. The contribution will speed the parcels toward development.


Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, November 29

Good afternoon. Enjoy these two articles detailing commercial real estate happenings today.

IKEA to Buy 31 Acres for SA-area Location

IKEA plans to buy land in San Antonio as part of it’s vision to “fill in the middle of the country with a little bit of Sweden.” A spokesman for the company said the company had been looking at the area for over half-a-decade.

How the Strategic Opening of Retail Stores Can Revitalize City Neighborhoods

An excellent case-study in the positive effects that new retail stores can have on communities. The article focuses on Chicago neighborhoods that are experiencing a ‘hot-streak’ after a successful business broke ground.


Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, November 28

Here are five articles on commercial real estate to catch you up on what you missed over Thanksgiving weekend.

KC Group Looks to Extend Main Street Improvements

MainCor and Confluence are looking for investors to put $2 million into renovating Kansas City’s Main St. Discussed improvements include streetcar expansion, better lighting and more bike racks.

Top of the List: Commercial Property Managers

A good follow-up to our series last week on commercial property management. Kansas City Business Journal covers the best five property managers ranked by gross leasable square feet.

Real Estate Briefly: 3 Hutton Centre Sells in Santa Ana

A round-up of information for anyone working commercial real estate in Orange County. The article briefly covers new ventures and promotions.

Recent Income Growth Will Have Limited Benefits for CRE

Income is up, but that doesn’t mean people will be spending it on retail and recreation, say industry sources. Inflated healthcare costs and higher rents may be to blame for stunted middle-class growth.

First Look: Diamond Building at Mueller is Not Your Typical Commercial Space

“The Diamond Building is in some ways an ode to bohemia,” says Jan Buchholz. None of the space is pre-leased. But businesses looking for a creative building with an excellent location may change that quickly.

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, November 23

Five articles for you highlighting big topics in the commercial real estate market today.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Rising Rates Threaten Global Property Investments

Very low rates have made commercial real estate boom around the world over the last few years. This may be changing as investors dump their government bonds in Europe, Asia and the US.

How Looming Tax Reforms Might Impact CRE Industry

The first major tax reform since 1986 will likely have a big on commercial real estate. Carried interest, property depreciation and pass-through income are all on the negotiation table.

As Vancouver’s Housing Market Cools, Commercial Property Sales Soar

The residential market in Vancouver, Canada is slowing, but while it lowers, commercial real estate is skyrocketing. Sales in the first half of 2016 nearly doubled the first half sales of 2015.

Growth in Commercial Real Estate to Boost the Global Fire Extinguishers Market Through 2020, Says Technavio

In an interesting correlation between different business sectors, the growth of the commercial real estate industry is positively influencing the sales of fire extinguishers. According to Technavio, the industry is expected to grow by 7% over the next few years.

Mixing It Up: Getting Mixed-Use Retail Right

Mixed-use retail buildings are a complex environment to navigate between tenants and maximizing revenue. One of the greatest skills a manager can possess with these property types is fantastic communication.

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, November 22

Three articles on commercial real estate to help you succeed today.

CRE Industry Weighs Impact of CA Supreme Court Decision In ‘Dual Agency’ Case

A case with a potentially huge impact on commercial real estate has been given a verdict in the California Supreme Court. A breakdown can be found in the article, but the case explored a real estate brokerage firm’s fiduciary responsibility when its agents or brokers are involved in both sides of a sale.

Get in the Mood for Retail Forecasting Follies

A cynical look at the expected retail spending going into the holiday months. The National Retail Federation predicts a 3.6 percent to $655.8 billion this year, but Bloomberg isn’t buying it.

HSA Commercial Acquires, Plans to Revamp Shopping Center

HSA Commercial Real Estate and Innovative Capital Advisors have formed a partnership to purchase and upgrade the Brookfield Fashion Center in Chicago. The  217,346-square-foot shopping center is 97 percent leased and hosts high-quality tenants like Stein Mart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Pier 1 Imports.

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, November 21

Good morning! This Monday should be a little easier to get through thanks to the short Thanksgiving week. Enjoy these 5 articles on the state of the commercial real estate market.

KKR Capitalizes Private Non-Traded REIT with $838 Million

Private equity firm KKR is moving $838 million into its KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc., a non-traded mortgage REIT focused on commercial real estate debt. In addition to this in-flowing cash, KREF has $1 billion of existing borrowing capacity.

Swiss Investment Firm Raising Funds to Expand US Multifamily Holdings

Varia US Properties, a Swiss investment firm, has acquired 39 U.S. multifamily properties since the end of last year. The company plans to acquire more money for investments through a public offering on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Trump Said to Discuss Treasury Post with Blackstone’s Gray

Jon Gray, Global Head of Real Estate at Blackstone, is being considered by President-elect Trump for the position of Treasury secretary. The two met on Sunday to discuss issues like the economy, global capital markets and the world financial situation.

Demand for Student Housing Looks Strong for 2017

Based off the most recent data from research firm Axiometrics, firms plan on building nearly 46,000 beds of new, purpose-built student housing for the Fall 2017 school year. “It would be pretty hard to overbuild in most markets, there is such strong demand,” says Nat Kunes, vice president of product management at AppFolio Inc. “In most markets you could double the amount and not overbuild.”

Commercial Mortgages: What Could a Trump Presidency Mean for the Real Estate Industry?

Another day, another article speculating on Trump’s effects on the commercial real estate industry. Investors hope the President-elect rolls back the Dodd-Frank regulations that have made lenders less competitive. The most disruptive area is likely to be increasing interest rates, which have already risen since Election Day.