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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Jan. 4

Good afternoon. We’ve collected three articles on commercial real estate for you to peruse on your lunch break. They detail a survey conducted among optimistic commercial investors, the top cities for foreign investors and a reason to be cautious in the office property market.

Real Capital Markets: Investors Still Sweet on Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate looks like it will continue to be an investment magnet in 2017. According to a survey conducted by Real Capital Markets last Novemeber, 70 percent of investors had their sights set on buying. The hottest properties were multifamily, followed by industrial, then retail and office.

Houston Slips Off Radar of Foreign Investors in Commercial Real Estate

Houston has lost some of its mojo since 2015 when it placed #3 on the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate’s list of best US cities for commercial investment. In the years following, it has failed to make the list again. This year’s list included New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Caution On Commercial Real Estate

A more skittish take on the commercial real estate sector than the first article today would you have believe. A number of office property brokers comment on the plateau the industry appeared to reach in mid-2016. They caution investors against oversupplying a slowing market.

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Dec. 23

Happy holidays from us at RealLaunch! Before you escape for the weekend, check out these two commercial real estate articles on foreign investments and drones.

Chinese Money Moving to US Commercial Property

The prediction of a strong dollar and a stagnant Chinese economy has many overseas investors looking to US commercial real state. “[The US real estate market is] at much lower risk at this stage of recovery than we’ve seen in the past,” said Hessam Nadji, president and chief executive at commercial real estate firm Marcus and Millichap.

How Drones Will Affect Commercial Real Estate

The future is here! How will it affect commercial real estate? This article explore how drones will impact air space and the property rights associated with them.



Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Dec. 22

Good morning! Enjoy these three articles on the top commercial real estate sales of 2016, the market outlook for 2017 and a list of essential people on your real estate team.

Late-Breaking Deal Yields Update to Triad’s Top Commercial Real Estate Sales of 2016

BizJournals highlights the 11 largest commercial real estate sales of 2016. There are the expected large retail lots and medical offices, but surprisingly, charter schools make the list—twice!

Improving Economy Brightens Outlook for Commercial Real Estate

The National Association of Realtors is optimistic about commercial real estate in 2017. Retail property vacancies are expected to lower by 0.2 percent, while personal incomes and consumer spending rise.

Who Should be on a Commercial Real Estate Team?

A very brief breakdown on the roles you should have filled on your commercial real estate team. An even shorter breakdown: a commercial broker, a mortgage broker, a lawyer and an accountant.

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Dec. 20

Good morning! Enjoy these three articles detailing commercial real estate news from around the U.S.

JLL Adds Third Integra Realty Affiliate

Jones Lang LaSalle is expanding its business in an attempt to strengthen its commercial real estate appraisal, valuation and advisory services in the U.S. Within the last three months, JLL has acquired just as many independent operators.

Fred’s Pharmacy Strikes Deal to Buy 865 Rite Aid Stores for $950 Million

Fred’s Inc. will purchase 865 Rite Aid store across the U.S. for $950 million in cash. The deal takes place as Rite Aid and Walgreens work through a proposed merger.

Chicago Real Estate Gives Back for the Holidays

A sample of the good will spread by commercial real estate firms in Chicago this holiday season. How is your agency positively affecting the local community?

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Dec. 15

Retail Sales in U.S. Increased Less Than Forecast in November

As forecasted, November’s retail sales did not meet the forecast. This is a slow down after the previous two months of consumer spending. The information did not sway the Federal Reserve’s plan to raise interest rates this week for the first time in a year.

Interest Rate Hike No Surprise and Will Be Easily Digested, Real Estate Pros Say

The Federal Reserve announced they would raise interest rates between 0.5 and 0.75%. Their decision was based off stronger labor markets, nearly 2.0% inflation and an optimism for the American economy. Commercial real estate insiders say this was long expected and will likely have very little impact on borrowing rates.

HNW CRE Investment Trends

Growing wealth inequality bodes well for the commercial real estate market. Commercial properties offer attractive investment opportunities for individuals with money. Learn more about this emerging commercial real estate trend by downloading the full PDF from

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Dec. 14

Halfway through the week with four new articles for you on commercial real estate. Topics today include a new offer from SmartBiz Loans, Brazil’s struggling real estate market and conflicts of interest with Trump’s property holdings.

SmartBiz Loans Announces New Online SBA Commercial Real Estate Loan Offering up to $5 million

Small businesses who meet the criteria are now able to apply for offer SBA 7(a) Commercial Real Estate Loans for up to $5 million through SmartBiz Loans. Businesses may apply for a loan in under five minutes from the convenience of their phones. Evan Singer, CEO of SmartBiz Loans, is confident the loans will offer better deals for entrepreneurs.

Brazil’s Commercial Real Estate Still Mired in Recession

Brazil’s commercial real estate market has hurdles to clear before overcoming it’s current recession, including rent instability. To truly overcome this period of slow growth, the surplus of office and industrial spaces available will first have to be filled.

Congressional Dems say Trump at ‘Imminent’ Risk of Old Post Office Lease Breach

President-elect Donald Trump continues to face accusations of conflicts of interest tied to his commercial real estate holdings around the world. Trump is currently leasing the federally owned Old Post Office building for his Trump International Hotel. The deal and it’s potential breach of contract will be explored further as Inauguration Day nears.


Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Dec. 13

The week is just beginning, but already there’s lots of commercial real estate news to catch up on. Check out these four articles on Miami investments, CommLoan, the state of CRE and a call to brokers to work toward more affordable housing.

As Miami’s Condo Market Plummets, Commercial Real Estate Soars

The tables are turning for real estate in Miami. Long an investment hot spot for foreign money, Florida condominiums used to be the real estate most loved by those overseas. However, rising residential costs combined with a strong dollar are leading investors away from conodos and toward commercial real estate.

CommLoan Raises $2.25 Million to Provide Consumers with Access to First, Only, Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate Financing

CommLoan raised $2.25 million in its latest round of seed funding. The start-up offers a gigantic database capable of matching commercial real estate borrowers with the perfect loan for their project.

Is CRE Past Market Peak?

According to a survey of commercial real estate professionals, 44% believe the market is currently at its peak. This is down nearly 10% from the month before, but substantially higher than it was at the beginning of 2016.

The Affordable Preservation Opportunity

Housing is becoming harder to afford due to rising rents and stagnating wages. Only about 5.6 millions ‘naturally’ affordable homes now exist in the US. A growing number of commercial real estate brokerages are working hard to keep them that way.

Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Dec. 8

Good morning! Enjoy these three articles on commercial real estate in Canada, insights from the ICSC and an essay on the state of the retail market.

Commercial Real Estate Sales Continue at Record Pace with No Slowdown in Sight

Commercial real estate in Canada is on pace to beat a record set during the boom of 2007. Real estate firm CBRE forecasts that 2016 commercial real estate sales will approach $35 billion, nearly $3 billion more than in 2007.

Five Takeaways from ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference, Day Two

More commercial real estate notes from the floor of the ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference. Insights include the profitability of subdividing mall space, the different types of US consumers and the popularity virtual downsizing.

Is Retail’s Middle Earth Flat?

An essay on the current woes of commercial retail real estate. The author is receiving less money on nearly all his properties than he was a decade ago. While many are quick to point the finger toward the internet, he blames greed.

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Dec. 7

Three articles on commercial real estate to help jump start your morning.

Foreign Buyers Moving Away From Miami’s Condo Scene for Commercial Real Estate

An interview with Alex Zylberglait, senior vice president of investments with Marcus & Millichap in Miami. Most of the article revolves around recent and long-term trends in foreign commercial real estate investments.

Five Star Bank Names Craig Burton Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Executive

Craig Burton will become the Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Executive for Five Star Bank. In his new position, Burton will oversee commercial real estate developments in upstate New York. Burton enters the job with over 30 years of banking experience.

Trends and Sales: Northwest Real Estate News

An overview of the commercial real estate trends in the Northwest. Multi-generational homes are becoming more common, an encouragement to use the holidays as a valuable time to sell your house and tips on finding good agents.

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Dec. 6

Good morning! We compiled three commercial real estate articles for you today. They cover the ICS Conference in New York, the announcement of Amazon Go and a forecast on the effects of Trump’s presidency on real estate.

Nine Takeaways from ICSC New York Conference, Day One

Interviews with professionals at the ICSC Conference lead to a few insights about the commercial real estate world, including luxury brand’s expected comeback, a greater focus on retail stores in urban locations and the necessity of data in deal-making.

Retailers Should Fear Amazon’s Grocery Ambitions

Yesterday, Amazon debuted their first check-out free store. Customers merely sign-in to their Amazon app, shop for whatever they need and then are charged when they walk out of the store. Bloomberg argues this move should be enough to make traditional retailers sweat.

Commercial Real Estate After Trump: What to Expect?

What do we expect from a Donald Trump presidency? Uncertainty. Early sign though show a 3.4% gain in the DOW and interest rates have climbed from 1.75% to 2.30%. A scaling back on Dood-Frank would also be good for the commercial real estate, the author argues.