Need a quick way to evaluate commercial real estate
and connect with your clients?

A RealLaunch Tool will save you time!


RealLaunch was created by an active commercial broker for brokers.
We understand commercial real estate. And we understand online digital marketing.


Our process is simple. 

  1. We use our tools to find people throughout the US that are looking to buy, sell, or lease commercial properties. These can be investors, business owners, and other brokers.
  2. We notify brokers via email based on their registered Zip Code Area and provide an opportunity to “claim the lead”. The first broker to claim the lead gets full access to the lead’s details to connect with them directly.


What is in it for RealLaunch? 
In order to claim and view the lead, the broker must register with RealLaunch and agree to our 20% Referral Agreement. We believe our leads are of high quality and will result in new business for you.

Ready to Register? 
There is no cost or risk when you sign up. We will simply start sending you the leads we find in your registered Zip Code Areas. *This subscription requires a Referral Agreement Contract. See Cooperation and Referral Agreement Terms. The 20% payment pertains to all RealLaunch leads resulting in a transaction.

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