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RealLaunch Relaunches IRR Calculator

As a commercial real estate broker and investor, you know the importance that CRE metrics play in any real estate transaction. Being able to calculate these metrics accurately is just as important as knowing what each one means and the importance they play in evaluating any commercial property. That’s why we’ve recently relaunched our CRE … Read more

What’s the Point of a Virtual Assistant?

There are never enough hours in the day, we get it. We have so much on our plate, it’s almost impossible to accomplish it all in the limited 8-hour work day. Despite all of our to-do lists and the time we’ve allocated to get some stuff done, it always seems like we’re crunched for time.

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The DISC Test and Building a Healthy Team

Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness or DISC is an assessment used by a number of organizations looking to grasp a better understanding of the behaviors and personalities of any potential employee. We use this very same assessment in our interviewing process here at RealLaunch in order to better understand the strengths, personalities, and placement of each potential candidate.

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Top 5 Apps Every Commercial Broker NEEDS

We understand how overwhelming and tiresome the work life can be and that’s why we here at RealLaunch try our very best to make it a little easier on you by doing all the work. What we’ve done is reviewed some of the best apps for CRE brokers and came up with our top 5 … Read more

Top 4 Books For CRE Brokers

There are countless books, articles, and blogs out there on the world of CRE, but we know you’re busy so we thought we’d make things a little easier on you by giving you our top 4 favorite books on the topic. To help guide you along your career by improving your knowledge and skills on … Read more

3 Sites for Brokers Who Want to Grow

With the overwhelming amount of information out there,  it can be difficult to navigate and determine what sources are providing the most accurate and relevant information. So we thought we’d give you the lowdown on which sites we go to to sharpen our own CRE knowledge and skills. Take a look at these 3 sites … Read more

The 5 Types of Commercial Real Estate

To help manage the colossal scope of their industry, commercial brokers and investors have split it into five types of commercial real estate. Below, I’ll talk about what these different categories include and what to look for when investing in them. Office Office buildings range in size from the small suburban office parks to the … Read more

What Expenses Can a Triple Net (NNN) Lease Cover?

As one of the most preferred lease structures used on the commercial market today, a Triple Net (NNN), or net-net-net, lease is known to ease the financial burden on investors by allocating property ownership expenses to tenants, or lessees. Triple Net Lease: Investors flock to the Triple Net Lease option for its ability to provide … Read more

The Investment Property Valuation Calculator Tutorial

The Investment Property Valuation Calculator is a commercial investing calculator and an invaluable tool for investors and brokers alike. When used effectively, the IPV Calculator can help you plan ahead with your commercial property investments. An in-depth reading of the results can reveal when the best time to sell would be, areas where building expenses … Read more

What Influences Current Cap Rates?

Previously, myNOI covered how cap rates were calculated. Now, we’ll describe the other factors that go into determining current cap rates.  At their simplest, cap rates are just the annual net operating income divided by the cost paid for the property. However, much more influences current cap rates than those two sums! Investors use cap rates … Read more