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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Sept. 20

In Wednesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at whether the commercial real estate market is cooling down in California’s Central Valley, what “The Tech Effect” is on commercial real estate, whether Singapore is the answer to keeping  foreign buyers invested in US assets, and more.

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Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, Sept. 18

In Monday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how a Dayton industrial company opens four new locations, the Homesale Realty co-founder Rebert steps down and starts his own real estate investment company, South Carolina commercial real estate market is humming in economic boom, and much more.

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Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Sept. 15

Happy Friday! In today’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how Xceligent HAR and CommGate assist commercial tenants displaced by hurricane Harvey, how industrial REITs experience unprecedented success, do designations matter when choosing a commercial real estate broker, and more.

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Commercial Real Estate News for Thursday, Sept. 14

In Thursday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how RealtyShares raised $28 million for commercial real estate investing, what is the value of North Shore commercial real estate, how fears of Whole Foods disruption can be seen as a real estate opportunity, and more.

RealtyShares raises $28 million for commercial real estate investing

Commercial real estate can be a lucrative investment, but it can be hard to come up with the money to buy a stake in the first place.

What is the value of North Shore commercial real estate?

When Gary C. Angiuli sought to convert an old warehouse that formerly housed his family’s car dealership, he didn’t want to put “just anything” in the space.

Fear of Whole Foods Disruption Seen as a Real Estate Opportunity

The narrative about the death of brick-and-mortar retailers is likely overdone, MetLife Investment Management said in a report released Thursday.

The 10 Office Markets with the Fastest-Growing Rents

Here are the 10 U.S. markets that experienced the highest growth in office rents for class-A buildings year-over-year.

Is Rising Rent a Myth? For Many, Incomes Seem to Be Keeping Up

Amid the avalanche of headlines warning of the growing affordability crisis, there’s a corner of the real estate industry where the problem is seen as overstated, or at least misunderstood.

Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Sept. 13

In today’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how the outlook remains bright for commercial real estate despite a price plateau, how the NAR sees commercial real estate price growth weakening, a deal to acquire For Rent to add millions of renters to CoStar’s network, US cities are reporting the least optimism about their finances since 2012, and much more.

Outlook Remains Bright for Commercial Real Estate Despite Price Plateau

Commercial real estate price growth in large markets is expected to flatten over the next year.

NAR: Commercial Real Estate Price Growth to Weaken

The next 12 months should see a flattening in commercial real estate price growth.

Deal to Acquire For Rent to Add Millions of Renters to CoStars Apartmentscom Network

CoStar Adding Scale in Online Apt. Rental Space, 110 Million US Renters Spend Nearly Half a Trillion Dollars on Rent Per Year in Fast-Growing Consumer Market Segment.

U.S. Cities Reporting Least Optimism about Finances Since 2012

The share of cities reporting that they’re more able to meet their financial obligations than they were a year ago slipped to 69 percent, the least since 2012.

The Seven Most Active Data Center Markets in the Country

NREI presents the seven most active data center markets in the U.S. during the first half of 2017, based on absorption of megawatt capacity.

Suburban office market bouncing back from slowdown

While developers have been touting the revitalization of Philadelphia’s commercial real estate market in recent years, an alternate trend has emerged.

Realtors: Commercial property market is solid

A slew of data suggests that price growth and deal volume has slowed in the upper end of the commercial real estate market in places like Manhattan and Washington, D.C.

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Sept. 12

In Tuesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll look at how Wells Fargo is seeing slower lending in autos and commercial real estate, whether Amazon’s HQ2 can actually fit in Orange County, how REIT investors are finding bigger returns in alternative property sectors, and more.

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4 Reasons Why CRE Brokers Must Have a YouTube Presence

Your presence online is more important than ever, more and more CRE brokers are seeking out opportunities to establish their online presence. With that in mind many seem to stray far away from the world of video, particularly YouTube and it’s influence on online users. Before you decide to opt out on creating YouTube videos for your commercial real estate listings, check out our 4 reasons why CRE brokers must have a YouTube presence.

1. People engage with short 20-30 second videos way mor4 Reae than with written content.

Let’s face it, we don’t always have time to read up on the latest news and market information, that’s why YouTube videos are amazing for those of us running short on time. Believe it or not, the longer your videos are, the lower your retention rate is. According to Single Grain, on average videos that are 1 minute or less in length garner a retention rate of 80%2-3 minute videos retain a bit less at 60%, and videos that are 5-10 minutes in length, retain 50% of viewers.

Just image what the retention rate of your lengthy and wordy, but informative blog posts may be. Creating a YouTube video that is short, informative, and engaging allows you to retain more of your viewers.

2. Investors, buyers, and sellers all want to learn and be educated.

There are 3 types of learners; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, and sometimes combination of all 3. Creating a presence on YouTube and creating content that is both visual and auditory allows a large amount of your audience the ability to digest your content in a way that whitepapers or wordy reports cannot. This allows you to give your audience a visual representation of the topic being discussed rather than just posting a long and wordy blog or article.

There are a number of different formats of  YouTube videos you can create, there are:

  • Interviews: Use this format to interview others within your field, bring in experts from different realms. Tackle a subject each video, ask and answer one question, something that is impactful but not lengthy in time (remember the longer the video, the lower the retention rate).
  • Tips & Tricks: Keep your viewers up-to-date with the latest tips and tools for commercial real estate. Display these tips and tools and demonstrate your use of them, be visual and verbal in your explanation.
  • Market Updates: Keep your viewers in the know, update them with the latest market news, not only does this keep your viewers informed, but it’ll keep you informed as well.
  • Client Reviews/Engagement: Get your clients involved, create short video reviews from your clients and their experience working with you.

3. YouTube videos help build your credibility.

Creating an impactful form of informative and engaging content establishes your credibility and knowledge as a commercial real estate broker. We all need something that separates us from the rest of the CRE Brokers. Prospective clients are much more likely to seek out your services and expertise if you appear to be an established, experienced, and knowledgeable in your industry. Simple videos that vary in topic and format will build your credibility and eventually establish it.

Demonstrate your knowledge, illustrate, create diagrams and models in your YouTube videos. Showing your viewers that you know what you’re talking about.

4. Youtube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world (2nd only to 

According to Placester“more than 50% of prospective home buyers use Youtube as their primary video research.” And the same applies to commercial investors, buyers, and sellers. This means that your audience is actively using YouTube and they want more than just a slideshow of images, they want a format of content that is much more rich, interactive, and engaging. This can come in the form of property video tours, both inside and outside of the property and even videos that consist of tips and tricks for others within the industry.