Pay-per-click advertising
to bring you more leads.

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Stand Out of the Crowd
With PPC Accelerator, our digital marketing team creates pay-per-click advertising to help people searching for a commercial broker, commercial properties, or investment opportunities find you faster and turn them into new leads. Our PPC methods are implemented by Google AdWords certified experts and have been tested by top-selling brokers around the country.

How It Works

Our digital marketing team researches the keywords your audience is using when searching for brokers in your target region. This digital team then writes the advertisement, employs it using Google AdWords, and continues to optimize each ad's performance through data analyzation to make sure they're working properly and are seeing results.
Increase Website Traffic
PPC Accelerator is an advertising method that helps increase website traffic without your target audience feeling like they've been advertised to.
Your Target Market
You pick where you're trying to reach new leads and we do the work to help your website be found faster.
Team of Experts
Our digital marketing team does the behind-the-scenes work needed to increase traffic to your website and expand your brand recognition. No extra effort on your part is required!
Exclusive to You
RealLaunch doesn't sell to just anyone. We work with one top broker per region to ensure the website and digital marketing we provide is unique to you and sets you apart from the competition. You could be the first in your area using pay-per-click advertising!
This product is found in our Platinum bundle.