Need a quick way to evaluate commercial real estate
and connect with your clients?

A RealLaunch Tool will save you time!

Is there a free Plugin?

Yes! You can download our basic WordPress Plugin for free. You can upgrade at anytime without disrupting your installed Plugin. Download the free version from WordPress

What is the PRO version?

If you would like to give your users an option to extend their analysis, the PRO version enables a “FULL ANALYSIS” button that links to our full-featured You can purchase the PRO version here. You will receive a License Key associated to the website where your Plugin is active.

What are the optional shortcode settings?

From the Valuation Calculator Settings you can set the default values for the basic shortcode Valuation Calculator Purchase Price $ Net Operating Income $ Down Payment $ % ▲ ▼ Interest Rate % Term (Years) 0 DSCR   0 Cap Rate   0% ROI   Loan Amount   $0 Annual Debt Service   $0 $0 /mo Annual Cash Flow   $0 … Read more

I downloaded the Calculator Plugin, now what do I do?

In your WordPress Dashboard under the Settings menu you will see “Valuation Calculator”. From the Settings page you can adjust the defaults settings. If you are ready to use the defaults you only have to add the shortcode to one of your Pages or Posts. This is the shortcode: Valuation Calculator Purchase Price $ Net … Read more