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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, October 19

Five articles this morning to help put a boost into your day.

Commercial Real Estate Market in Southern Nevada Making Progress, With Lagging Office Market Starting to Bounce Back

Good news for investors living near Las Vegas. After the recession, commercial real estate has been on a steady recovery, but office buildings have lagged behind. A new reports suggest that’s about to change though, as a tremendous amount of office space was sold in the last quarter.

More Pension Fund Money Flowing to Commercial Real Estate

 2017 will likely see a continued increase of pension fund money poured into commercial real estate investments. Two notable factors driving the trend include a more mainstream understanding of how commercial real estate works and the diversification it adds to portfolios.

Five Ways to Protect Your Investment and Survive Multiple Economic Cycles

A strong list covering how to protect investments through the long-term. Tips includes setting reasonable expectations and avoiding over-leveraging.

A New Real-Estate War in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley continues to experience growing pains. This November, smaller suburbs will vote on rent control, to the ire of real estate agents and landlord associations.

Developer Sees Trouble for Property in Perth

Nigel Satterley, an Australian property developer predicts Perth’s real estate market will suffer in the back-half of this decade. Perth’s reliance on it’s mining industry makes it a “a one-trick pony and, of course, that’s finished, and we are struggling.”