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RealLaunch Tip of the Week:

Find hidden zoning potentials

Flip the script on commercial real estate investing: Consider properties with ‘hidden’ zoning potentials. Uncover sites zoned for multiple uses or those due for rezoning. This foresight can turn an average investment into a goldmine by anticipating future community developments and market shifts.


  1. Local Government Websites: Most city or county websites have zoning maps and regulations.
  2. Planning Department: Visit or call your local planning department for insights on current zoning and potential changes.
  3. Real Estate Agents: Experienced local agents often have knowledge about zoning and future developments.
  4. Public Hearings: Attend city council or planning commission meetings where rezoning and development plans are discussed.
  5. Online Databases: Websites like LoopNet or CityFeet provide zoning information on specific properties.
  6. Networking: Connect with local developers, investors, and land use attorneys who stay informed about zoning changes.