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SEO Glossary of Terms

Some helpful definitions as you review your monthly RealLaunch reports.

Visits – Individual sessions initiated by Visitors.

Visitor – Unique individual coming to a website (identified by a cookie or IP address.)

Pageviews – Views of a page (identified by a request to load a single HTML file/”page”.)

Pages per Visit – Average number of pages viewed per visit.

Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors that visit only 1 page and exit quickly.

Traffic Source – How a visitor came to your site (i.e. Organically, Paid Ad, Referral)

Organic Traffic – Visits as a result of a website listing on a search engine result page (SERP.)

Paid Traffic – Visits as a result of a paid search engine marketing campaign (ex: Google AdWords)

Referral – Outside website or webpage linking to your site.

Direct – Visits that result by entering your URL directly or clicking a link in an email.