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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Dec. 13

The week is just beginning, but already there’s lots of commercial real estate news to catch up on. Check out these four articles on Miami investments, CommLoan, the state of CRE and a call to brokers to work toward more affordable housing.

As Miami’s Condo Market Plummets, Commercial Real Estate Soars

The tables are turning for real estate in Miami. Long an investment hot spot for foreign money, Florida condominiums used to be the real estate most loved by those overseas. However, rising residential costs combined with a strong dollar are leading investors away from conodos and toward commercial real estate.

CommLoan Raises $2.25 Million to Provide Consumers with Access to First, Only, Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate Financing

CommLoan raised $2.25 million in its latest round of seed funding. The start-up offers a gigantic database capable of matching commercial real estate borrowers with the perfect loan for their project.

Is CRE Past Market Peak?

According to a survey of commercial real estate professionals, 44% believe the market is currently at its peak. This is down nearly 10% from the month before, but substantially higher than it was at the beginning of 2016.

The Affordable Preservation Opportunity

Housing is becoming harder to afford due to rising rents and stagnating wages. Only about 5.6 millions ‘naturally’ affordable homes now exist in the US. A growing number of commercial real estate brokerages are working hard to keep them that way.