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What is Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?

In commercial real estate, it’s smart to think ahead and keep a close eye on the numbers. As a commercial broker with more than two decades in the ring, I’ve continued to rely on a variety of metrics, including Internal Rate of Return, or IRR, to ensure my investments are sound. IRR stands strong in … Read more

How to Use the Investment Property Valuation Calculator: Step Five

Yesterday, myNOI covered Step 4 of the Investment Property Valuation Calculator (IPV). In the fourth step, investors found an estimated valuation of their commercial property by combing the income withe expenses. In Step 5, we’ll examine the debt taken on through your investment and the monthly payments you’ll make on your commercial real estate. Step 5: … Read more

How to Use the Investment Property Valuation Calculator: Step One

  The Investment Property Valuation Calculator is an invaluable tool for investors and brokers alike. When used effectively, the IPV Calculator can help you plan ahead with your commercial property investments. An in-depth reading of the results can reveal when the best time to sell would be, areas where building expenses could be trimmed back, … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Feb. 10

Happy Friday, investors and brokers! In today’s commercial real estate news, a write-up on Dodd-Frank’s slow roll out, a chastising of luxury brands slow online adoption, and Whole Foods struggles for its sixth straight quarter. Killing Dodd-Frank Before the Rules are Even Fully Written Despite being around for nearly 7 years now, nearly a third … Read more

Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding Laws: Lets Get Technical

Commercial real estate crowdfunding laws can be dense, yet more than ever, commercial investors are harnessing the power of the internet to raise funds on the fly. Crowd-sourcing websites like, and draw in droves of investors on the daily, and the demand doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In 2015, … Read more

5 Commercial Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2017

As we head into the new year, it’s helpful to know which commercial real estate markets are expected to see increased activity in 2017. Nailing down which areas are set to perform well is not an exact science, but Zillow, and REFM have all released lists highlighting potentially strong markets. These are five cities … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Jan. 20

Happy Friday! Before you head off to your weekend, read these commercial real estate articles covering projected CMBS issuance, the record number of skyscrapers erected last year and growing rent prices. Projected CMBS Issuance for 2017 Under $80 Billion Higher interest rates and more risk retention rules may bring up issuance in 2017. A number … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Jan. 17

In today’s commercial real estate news: an update on the blossoming real estate sector in Asia, marijuana’s link to high lease price rates, and traps for first time investors to avoid. Capturing Growth in Asia’s Property Management Frontier A letter on Asia’s commercial real estate market from Michael Lanning, the president of the Institute of Real … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, Jan. 16

Welcome back!  In today’s commercial real estate news: Trump’s anti-regulatory stance encourages developers, construction firms brace for an influx of infrastructure projects, and the apartment sector begins to cool. Homebuilders See Profit in Trump Bulldozing Environmental Rules Developers are optimistic President-elect Trump will slash environmental regulations when he takes office this week. Homeownership is currently … Read more

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday, Jan. 13

Happy Friday! Our commercial real estate news aggregation today covers a forecast for the world’s commercial market in 2017, an analysis of why REITs are struggling in the S&P and coverage of a bill proposed to help Florida’s businesses with their commercial leases. How Much Longer will Charlotte’s Commercial Real Estate Boom Last? Kevin Thorpe, … Read more