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Commercial Real Estate News for Monday, Mar. 6

Welcome back to the week, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news, learn how going green gets you seeing green, the influence of Trump’s tax plan on the real estate market, and how the affordable housing sector could be changing to attract developers.

The Alternative Facts About the Greening of Existing Buildings

Adding green energy technology to existing buildings is one of the most effective way to make them more profitable. It’s more affordable than ever before for investors to upgrade their older properties through U.S. government green programs.

How Will Trump’s Proposed Tax Plan Impact Real Estate?

A comprehensive breakdown of the Trump administration’s tax proposal, specifically on how it will affect real estate. While the details aren’t out yet, the author is confident it will positively impact individual investors.

How One Tweak to Affordable Housing Policy Could Make a Big Difference for Developers

A new approach to determine affordable housing rates may draw in more developers for the projects. The formula will subsidize lower income tenants through higher rent prices for their high income neighbors.