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Commercial Real Estate News for Tuesday, Mar. 7

Good morning, investors. In today’s commercial real estate news, millennials continue boosting the apartment sector, nearly half of NREI readers are convinced we’re in the peak of the real estate cycle, and a lesson on how wealth advisers can stay relevant to youth.

Apartment Building Developers Pin Their Hopes on Millennials

 Millennials have spent the last few years filling apartment spaces almost as soon as they’re built, pushing rent prices into area’s developers could only dream of. With 1.5 million young adults still living with their parents, investors are hoping the boom isn’t over yet.

Sentiment on Market Cycle Phase Moves to ‘Peak’ Setting

Abut 44% of NREIOnline consider the real estate cycle to be at its ‘peak’ right now, up from 42% in January. Just 1% of readers believe the market is in the recession phase.

How Can Wealth Advisors Remain Relevant in Commercial Real Estate’s DIY Era?

Thanks to digital platforms, wealth advising is no longer about who you know, but what you know when it comes to millennials. Wealth advisers should appear knowledgeable and eager to pass it along to young investors, especially in the realms of investment strategies and analyzing data.