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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday, Mar. 1

In today’s commercial real estate news, learn about Wal-Mart’s extensive real estateĀ holdings, why experts are optimistic about the real estate cycle, and what it takes to succeed as a property manager nowadays.

Wal-Mart As A Sum Of The Parts – Part #1: A REIT Worth More Than The Current Price Of The Stock

A fascinating article on Wal-Mart’s real estate holdings. The retail giant owns over 1 billion square feet of real estate, enough to cover Manhattan and Berkley, CA. Looking strictly at the buildings’ worth, Wal-Mart can be valued at $230 billion.

Seventh Inning Market Cycle Stretches On, And On

The real estate cycle is now in its eighth year of sustained growth and experts believe it has at least another year in it. While firms are optimistic, high inflation rates may put a damper on the celebrations and lead to an early recession.

A New Era of Opportunity for Property and Asset Management

Essential reading for property and asset managers. Michael Lanning argues the two once distinct careers are merging. To succeed as either, you must have the skills of both. Property managers must learn the details of the specific property, study the asset class as a whole, and track how the market is doing.